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I’m Sam, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, owner and head coach at East Midlands BJJ.  With over two decades of Martial arts training and with over 15 years of Jiu Jitsu and grappling experience to my name. 

I personally develop and deliver the weekly program and classes as well as all the online content.  I’d like to invite you to take part in our FREE taster session and teach you the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Does this sound Familiar?


Do you feel a lack of confidence or self-esteem during your day-to-day?

Have you ever felt anxiety when you’re walking down the street at night? 

Or perhaps, you feel intimidated by larger guys, especially if you’re not very big or strong…

Do you feel out of shape? Like you could benefit from more endurance, losing some weight, and developing a stronger body.

Maybe you want to start something new, but question whether you’re too old to start a martial art.

Or feel like you’ve missed the boat and don’t want to end up being ridiculed against more experienced opponents.

Don’t worry, it’s not too late at all. Actually, if you’re here reading this, then you’re on the right track.

But, I’m anxious about starting a Martial Art


Seriously, I understand how you’re feeling.  I also had to walk into a martial arts gym alone when I started with dozens of members.

But don’t worry, you’re going to be fine.

The thought of starting a Martial art can make some people feel anxious. 

Perhaps you’re not too comfortable with confrontation, or you may feel uneasy with being put under physical pressure…

You’re in safe hands here.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners are some of the most humble and friendly people you’ll ever meet, especially in our Academy. We understand that EVERYONE has to start somewhere.

Beginners are always welcome! We enjoy helping and seeing other people grow. The stronger we all become as a group, the stronger we become individually.

Once you start attending classes regularly, you’ll notice your skill level increasing. Things that you couldn’t do before, will soon become easy for you.

And we’ll assist you every step of the way as your confidence grows.

what are the some of the many benefits of training brazilian jiu jitsu?

Health Benefits

Exercise such as Jiu Jitsu plays an important role in controlling your weight and preventing obesity, reducing your risk of heart and other diseases. Jiu Jitsu workouts improve your circulation this can lower your blood sugar level and help your insulin work better.

Mental Health

During Jiu Jitsu training, your body releases chemicals that can improve your mood and make you feel more relaxed. This can help you deal with stress and reduce your risk of depression and anxiety. Jiu Jitsu help keep your thinking, learning, and judgement skills sharp.

Join a Community

Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu regularly you'll make instant friends, build long lasting friendships and join a community like no other on and off the mats. Learn to overcome obstacles, progress and succeed with a team of supportive individuals around you.


Taking part in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training gives you the confidence to accomplish tasks you set your mind to. No other sport puts you in positions where you learn to overcome size and strength using skills and technique whilst still planning your strategy.

Why train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at our Academy?


You’ll get access to the best BJJ and grappling training in the area. 

Our classes help build physical strength, mental agility, nurturing both fundamental and advanced components of Jiu Jitsu.  All run by our experienced Black Belt coach


At our academy, you’ll have the opportunity to train in Lincoln’s largest, dedicated Jiu Jitsu & grappling facility. 

100m sq of clean mat space will allow you to train freely without injuring yourself by falling into others.


You’ll also gain access to exclusive seminars and events with some of the best Black belt coaches in the country. 

This is your opportunity to further develop advanced techniques once you’ve mastered the basics. 


We have a strong emphasis on safe training. 

We all look after one another ensuring that you get the best out of each session, and walk out with a smile every time.


Within our community, our egos and pride are left at the door. NO ONE is judged here, as we understand that every Black Belt started out as a beginner…  

Your success is our success.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Read the stories below of how our members overcame crippling anxiety, developed more confidence, improved their physical condition, and went on to win tournaments across the country.


Everyone has a balance regarding how they feel physically in certain situations. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teaches you to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations and it truly shows you what you're capable of withstanding AND how much control you can. Be part of maybe the best community of human beings I've ever met, try this out. I guarantee you won't regret it.
Since starting at the academy I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Starting in the fundamentals class and gradually progressing. For many years I suffered from lack of confidence and crippling anxiety. I started training Jiu Jitsu to gain confidence and I was able to excel with the team entering several competitions, pro cards and winning multiple gold medals.
When I first joined the academy I was overweight and lacked confidence. When I started I was able to push myself everyday and the weight shed in weeks which gave me so much confidence to train more and compete. A fantastic place to train Jiu Jitsu whether a newcomer or an experienced practitioner. I would highly recommend the academy to anyone, come try it!

this opportunity is for action takers only!!!

Now is the time to take action, make change and get started.  Join our growing team, we have a huge mix of members all the way from students to full-time employees, to business owners, etc…

You don’t have to invest a lot of time to get good at this, but consistency is key to your growth.

Change doesn’t happen unless YOU make it happen. 

If you really want to develop your confidence, gain new skills that will serve you in life, meet new people, and have fun whilst doing so, then what are you waiting for?


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